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Keyboard Skills

Ken Preece

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1.To type all in capitals you would press the **** lock key 4 Letters
4.The keyboard combination CTRL & S - would **** a document 4 Letters
5.Pressing CTRL ALT DELETE would select the task ******* 7 Letters
7.To copy the contents of the displayed screen you would press the ***Sc key 3 Letters
9.This key moves the cursor around cells in a table 3 Letters
10.Keyboards are given this acronym 6 Letters
11.This key takes you to the start of your document 4 Letters
14.The keyboard combination CTRL & P - would **** the current page 5 Letters
16.Pressing the function key F1 in Microsoft software would select **** 4 Letters
17.To get a single capital letter A you would hold down the ***** key before pressing the A key 5 Letters
18.Moves a picture from one part of the page to another three words drag and *** 3 Letters
2.The longest key on the keyboard used to separate words 5 Letters
3.Pressing the windows key brings up the ***** menu 5 Letters
6.The shortcut bracket r bracket ( R ) inserts the registered symbol 10 Letters
8.The keyboard combination CTRL & A - would ****** all 6 Letters
12.This key takes you to the last words in your document 3 Letters
13.Combination of ALT & tab is used to ****** between applications 6 Letters
15.Between the ALTGr and CTRL key is a key that duplicates the functions of which mouse button ***** 5 Letters

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