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Countries and nationalities

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1.It is a very technological country. It´s in Asia.
5.In this country there are a lot of kangaroos.
7.The Berlin Wall is in this country. It´s in Europe.
10.This country is popular for the perfumes and the Eiffel Tower.
11.It´s a country in South America. People like samba and they speak Portuguese
13.It´s a beautiful country in Europe. People speak Spanish.
14.In this country people eat a lot of rice
2.It´s a country in Europe. It´s next to Spain. The capital city is Lisbon
3.This country if famous for its pasta
4.The people who live here are Americans
6.Mate and Milanesas are typical in this country
8.The red buses are typical of this country. They speak English.
9.This country has beautiful beaches and a lot of history. Athens is the capital city.
12.This country is very cold. The capital city is Moscow.

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