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EDUC 1301 Chapters 5-8

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4.organizes schools around the concerns, curiosity, and real-world experiences of students
5.belief that human beings are shaped entirely by their environment
10.required that students do not have to attend the closest public school (2 Words)
11.learnings that are not always intended but are shaped by the school culture
15.to transmit society's knowledge and values or to reconstruct society (3 Words)
18.tolerate little flexibility in the curriculum
19.eliminating electives and increasing the number of basic courses required (3 Words)
20.often ignores class differences, the lack of basic helath care, and ongoing racism, classism, and sexism
1.also know as explicit curriculum
2.effective schools are able to promote school achievement by using this (3 Words)
3.he tried to define the purpose of schooling over 300 years of history (2 Words)
6.admission tickets
7.offers one or more special programs, perhaps in math or science or the arts (2 Words)
8.philosophy that emphasizes basic skills such as reading, writing, and math
9.a law that changed the lives of teachers and students
12.learning through technology (2 Words)
13.a report that cited declining test scores (3 Words)
14.established the first state supported normal school (2 Words)
16.assessment that captures actual student performance
17.develop curricumum both formally and informally

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