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Bonding Review


1 2 3 4 5
8           9    
  10       11              
12         13          
17 18         19   20          
  22                     23    

6.These are used to identify the charge of a transition metal
7.Number of lone pairs found in carbon tetrachloride
8.State of matter where attractice forces are weakened but molecules are still attracted to each other
10.Number of lone pairs found in ammonium ion
11.Bond where electrons are shared between two nonmetals
12.Majority of the molecules in the human body have this type of bond
14.Diatomic molecule that has highest electronegativity in halogen family
15.Number of valence electrons found in halogens
16.Bond formed as a result of electrons being exchanged
18.Number of bonded pairs found in carbon monoxide
19.Type of bond found in a quarter
21.Number of lone pairs found in NH3
22.Name of SO3
25.The building block of proteins is called this
26.Bonding between a metal and a nonmetal
27.Family of elements with 1 valence electron
1.Bond where the electrons are delocalized
2.Number of bonded pairs found in Xenon tetrafluoride
3.State of matter where forces holding molecules together is broken
4.Lewis structure where you have a choice where the double bond is placed
5.Name of AlN
9.Bonding found in DNA
13.Type of attraction found in a salt crystal between the sodium and chloride ions
17.Polarity of Sulfur trioxide
20.Number of double bonds found in carbon dioxide
23.Bond that would form between Iron and Fluoride
24.Polarity of carbon monoxide

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