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Corellation and regression

Sophia Francis

  2                         3
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2.Another name for the line of best fit
8.A statistical or parameter that measure the strength and direction of a linear relationship between variables.
9.A statistical method used to describe the nature of the relationdhip between variables.
10.A statistical method used to determine whether a linear relationship exist between variables
11.Graph in which paired data are plotted as individual points on a grid.
1.The ratio of the explained variation to the total variation.
2.Variable that cannot be manipulated or controlled
3.Us eof the equation of regression to predict y for a value of x which is beyong the range of the data values of x
4.A study that seeks to determine if several independent variables are related to the dependent variables
5.Use of the regression line to predict a value for y that is within the range of values for x
6.As the vales of x increases the vlaues of y also increases
7.Also known as the independent variable

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