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The Globe Theater

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4   5         6              
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1.where the groundlings stood
4.here the doorkeeper greeted playgoers and collected money
8.important backstage area
9.rooms where actors were attired
11.located above the stage. Juliet uses this for her balcony scene
14.ascending to the first level by this means
15.identified by painted zodiac signs
16.a storage area that held a winch
17.hoisted above the theatre meant a play would be held today
18.an essential storage area
19.a passageway that served the different gallery sections
2.leading down to the "hell" area
3.doors opening to the tiring house
5.a recessed playing area often curtained off
6.the rear entrance or stage door
7.two penny gallery
10.major playing area
12.private six penny gallery
13.part leading to stairs and gallery
16.the area under the stage

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