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Holocaust vocab

shannon rising


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5.________is also know as "The Night of Broken Glass", it was an act of anti-Semitism
6._______is the act of expelling someone from their native land.
7._______is the process of calling out a list of names to know who is present or not.(two words)
8.________ is a program to exterminate people because of their religion, race or beliefs.
9.The systematic event of the slaughter of Jews is the ________.
10.A person who commits a serious or evil crime is a ________.
12.A ________is a refugee forced to leave their home country because of war.(two words)
14.To destroy the existance of a particular group is called _________.
16.______is the action of carefully choosing someone or something to do a task.
18._______is the deliberate killing of a large ethnic group.
19._______is the act of gaining equal rights for a particular group.
20.Forced marches intended to kill the surviving refugees are know as a ___________.(two words)
21.______is a term to describe a supporter of a party or person.
22.A_______is a person who is present at an event but does not take part in it.
1._______is the nazi plan of exterminating Jews.(two words)
2.An intense hatred for Jews is known as ________.(two words)
3.A _______is a camp where refugees live temporarily before moving to another destination.(two words)
4._______is the act of dying painlessly to avoid a more painful death.
11._________is the act of going against or refusing to do something.
13.A_____is someone from the middle east
15.The killing/elimination of Jews is know as _______.
17.A______is a person who gets harmed or killed as a result of crime.

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