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Literary Terms

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2.form of spoken language that is spoken by a particular group of people
5.the author shares some personal experiences and tell why they are meaningful
6.words and phrases that appeal to the five senses
8.camparisons using like or as
10.a general lesson that is learned from the story; directly stated or implied
11.a struggle within a character
14.hints that help you understand the meaning of a word
17.when similar beginning sounds are used in two or more words
18.story told by main character: I, Me, My
19.story told by an outside character: They, Them
20.sequence of events in a story
21.when and where the story takes place
22.comparing two objects not using like or as
23.the problem in story to be solved
1.draw conclusions based on details in the text and your own knowledge
3.order in which events happen: beginning to end
4.when the conflict is most intense; turning point of story
5.attributing human characteristics to those things that are not human
7.official term for words that sound like what they mean
9.a struggle between a character and a force of nature
12.the solving of the conflict;solution to the problem
13.technique of using sounds, words, phrase, or a sentence over and over
15.a struggle between two characters
16.exaggerated language

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