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Skeletal System


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5.The ____ is the smallest bone in the human body.
7.An example of a gliding joint.
8._______ plays a role in making bones hard and strong.
9.An example of a hinge joint.
11.The wrist is an example of this type of joint.
13.Disease characterized by painful swollen joints.
18.Connects bones together.
19.Another word for your tail bone.
21._______ fills the hollow space in the middle of long bones.
22.Cartilage serves as a ___________ for your bones.
24.Ligaments and tendons are made of this substance.
25.This bone is in your lower arm and on your thumb side.
27.The _____ is the largest bone in the human body.
28.Another word for your collar bone.
29.An example of a ball and socket joint.
30.Red bone marrow produces these.
1.Ligaments connect bone to ___________.
2.A broken bone.
3.An example of a pivot joint.
4.Connects bones to muscles.
6.Fat is stored in the ______ bone marrow.
10._________ exercise when young will help build strong bones even into old age.
12.What is it called when your bone comes out of your joint?
14.A joint that allow bones to move in all directions.
15.A condition where bones become weak and break easily.
16.A _________fracture means a broken bone has broken through the skin.
17.Another word for your chest bone
20.Strong flexible tissue that layers the end of joints
23.Tendons connect bone to _____________.
26.Part of the vertebrae that supports your head.

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