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Jobs and Budgeting

Mrs. Dreher

1 2 3 4
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16                                   17

6.You must include this at the top of both your resume and your references list. (2) (2 Words)
10.You must be __________ in looking for a job. Employers won't wait for you!
12.Remaining income you earn after deductions (3) (3 Words)
13.Only 20% of jobs are found on this type of job market
16.A partner whom you support because they make below the basic personal amount (2) (2 Words)
18.These online collections often allow you to find jobs (2) (2 Words)
19.If an employer finds spelling mistakes in your resume, where will the resume go?
20.The purpose of providing references to your employer is to show your _________________.
21.You may look for jobs in the classified section of this
22.80% of jobs are in this type of job market
1.Where will you include your rate of pay when listing your job experience?
2.Payments that raise your quality of life (2) (2 Words)
3.This type of experience on a resume will show your employer that you are generous and ambitious.
4.The total income you earn before any deductions (3) (3 Words)
5.You must be very ______________ and thorough when filling out a job application.
7.this is what you fill in on an application when the question doesn't apply to you
8.You must ______________ your references prior to using them.
9.This key feature of a resume states what it is that you are looking for in a job and is written in on sentence.
11.Payments that are necessary for sustaining life (2) (2 Words)
14.It is important to be ________ about yourself and print carefully on a job application.
15.A great way to find a job is to make contacts and tell everyone that you are looking for a job. This is called
17.The main point of a resume is to tell the employer about your ________________ and work history.

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