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Brian Hodge

Interactive fact finding and information gathering exercise

1 2 3
4         5        
    7 8    
9             10      
  15               16      
  17   18
19   20              

4.Who wants to travel around the world with me?
5.I used to be able to run faster than my fellow students
6.Bright didn't like to eat this when young
9.this is what Khun Poochaiwannanon likes to do every night
11.I used to have lots of toys when i was young
12.My dream is to work for an embassy when i'm older (2 words)
15.I used to love dressing up when younger, but looked like a witch!
16.Who likes to chat with her friends on Facebook every day?
19.hoping....... "I wanna be a billionaire, so friggen bad!"
21.I wore glasses when I was young but i don' wear them now
22.Who wants to come with me to see Mount Fuji?
23.I want to be an engineer as my profession
24.Khun Somta was scared of this animal when young
1.This student wants a beautiful house in the countryside
2.Namwan used to be afraid of this when younger
3.some students like to play Facebook at night but i like to read books
5.I wanna visit the "Big Apple!"
7.Khun Chalermwongsawej wants to work in which part of the world?
8.Khun Patjaroenrungruang wants to open a shop here
10.When younger, Khun Nuntaprayoon used to travel with who?
13.Blueberry cheesecake? Where!!
14.1657 x 3598 = ?? Easy for me when younger!
17.Max loves this sport
18.In elementary school, I was considered to be a bit chubby
20.Benjaporn was like this when younger.

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