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2     3                
6   7          
        10         11
13                 14      
    16   17          
19       20     21         22  

2.________are the number part of the terms with variables
5.An _______ is an intersection of a graph with one of the axes
6.An exponential __________ function is an exponential function that increases.
9.An ___________ is a recipe or a description of a mechanical set of steps for performing some task.
10.The _______ of a cyclic function measures how long it takes to complete one cycle of the function.
13.____is a line or curve that the graph of a relation approaches more and more closely the further the graph is followed.
14.In the exponential equation 8 = 2^3, 2 is the _____ and 3 is the exponent.
16.In the exponential equation 8 = 2^3, 2 is the base and 3 is the ________.
18.Almost all rules and algorithms start with an ______ and end with an output.
19.The ______ of an element a in a binary operation is the element b, which produces the identity for that operation.
21.The _________ of a whole number are the numbers that divide evenly into it.
23.The _____ of a line is often described as the ratio of rise to run.
24.The _____ of a graph are the base (or zero) values of two quantities that are being compared in a coordinate graph
1.____________ is a property of some sets and binary operations where the order in which the operation is carried out may be manipulated to produce the same results.
3.____________is any relationship between inputs and outputs in which each input leads to exactly one output.
4.An __________ is any number which is a counting number, zero, or the opposite of a counting number.
7.Almost all rules and algorithms start with an input and end with an ________
8.The ___________ of a cyclic function measures the height of the cyclic function, relative to its average.
11.An exponential __________ function is an exponential function that decreases.
12.In algebraic expressions, letters represent ______.
15.The ______ of a coordinate system is the point (0, 0).
17.The graph of a quadratic function is called a ________.
20.A _____ describes how much one variable changes in relation to another.
22.The________ is the set of values assumed by a function or relation over all permitted values of the independent variable(s).

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