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Greek Orthodox Easter

Evangelia Michail

1 2 3
5                 6
8       9     10          
    13       14  
    17           18          
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  22                   23
  24                           25
  27                 28              

5.What Judas Iscariot did to Jesus
7.What your mother does with eggs on Holy Thursday
9.The 12 people that followed Jesus
11.The day Jesus died
12.The Greek custom with red eggs. The winner will be strong and healthy
13.Not eating animal products before Easter
17.The name of the Son of God
19.Where Jesus was buried
22.What Jesus did to the people
24.The light that comes out from Jesus' tomb
26.This is how the Apostles called Jesus
27.Where Jesus's body is placed after the Cross
28.The traditional Greek Easter bread
29.When Crist went back to the sky after his Resurrection
30.Jesus went to the garden of Gesthemane to...
31.How Christians feel about Jesus' death
1.The people who baptised you
2.Eating and drinking on Easter Sunday
3.Our Divine Liturgi takes place there
4.The day Jesus went into Jerusalem
6.Traditional events that people celebrate
8.The week before Easter
10.What the priest says at midnight on holy Saturday
14.The traditional food of Easter Sunday
15.Greek Orthodox Religion
16.Rising from the dead
18.What the Jews did to Christ on the Cross
20.The traditional Greek Easter soup
21.Christians' painful singing for Jesus's Death
23.A gift from our god parents
25.A day when there is no school or work

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