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Deirdré Wilkens

Surprising facts about good-for-you food

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3.The measure of energy needed to increase body temperature by one degree
4.The most consistent provider of fiber and protein that come in many varieties
5.A surprisingly high-fiber, nutrient-boosting vegetable that also provides a healthy dose of good fat
6.Often avoided on certain diets, these are actually vital to good health, especially in low-refined states
7.A dark, leafy vegetable that is high in protein and iron
9.The less-refined, the better . . . try to find natural sources of this
11.A tasty, colorful summer fruit group that help fight cancer
12.You don't need as much of this as the beef industry would lead you to believe. You can get plenty of it from plant sources
14.A natural sweetener that is high in vitamins and other nutrients
15.A fruit that is typically known for potassium with lesser-known fiber benefits
1.A Peruvian grain with a high protein value and a surprisingly nutty flavor
2.An important food group that helps lower blood pressure, reduces the risk of Diabetes and other serious diseases
3.A colorful root-vegetable used in salads, juicing, cooking, and snacks
8.A healthy breakfast option that is typically made from oats, nuts, dried fruit, and honey
10.One of these keeps a doctor away, especially when eaten with the fiber and nutrient rich peel
13.People try to reduce or limit their intake of this, but your body definitely needs it to protect your organs

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