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Evolution Chapter 14

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1.The potential per capita rate of increase of a population with a stable age distribution whose growth is not depressed by the negative effects of density.
4.The stages an individual goes through during its life.
6.A phenotype such that, if almost all individuals in a population have that phenotype, no alternative phenotype can invade the population or replace it.
8.breeding strategy of the all female population of whiptail lizards
13.The proportion of energy or materials that an organism allocates to reproduction rather than to growth and maintenance. (2 Words)
15.sum of all parts not equal to the cumulative effect, a non-additive effect of deleterious alleles
16.Pertaining to a life history in which individuals reproduce more than once.
18.An approach to understanding particular life history trait adaptations by specifying, often on the basis of mathematical models, which state of some character, among a specified set of plausible states, would maximize individual fitness, subject to specified constraints
21.the two genders in a population are male and hermaphrodite
2.gametes in populations are same size
3.The phenomenon whereby an allele/genotype has positive effects on certain fitness components and negative effects on other components.
5.A reduction in fitness (e.g., decreased survival or growth) caused by reproductive effort.
7.gametes produced without meiosis
9.Parental activities or processes that enhance the survival of existing offspring but whose costs reduce the parent’s subsequent reproductive success.
10.A trait that characterizes an individual’s life history and is a component of fitness; for example, probability of survival, age at which adult size is reached, age at first reproductive event.
11.the two genders in a population are female and hermaphrodite
12.when asexual reproduction produces a greater reduction of recombined genes
14.Pertaining to a life history in which individuals (especially females) reproduce only once.
17.Aging; deteriorative changes with aging; the increased probability of dying with increasing age.
19.gametes in populations are different sizes
20.The existence of both a fitness benefit and a fitness cost of a mutation or character state, relative to another.

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