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Global Catalog and FSMO

B. Scales

1 2                   3
    5 6          
8                             9
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2.Relative _______________ masters (RID) are variable-length numbers assigned by a domain controller when a new object is created.
4.When a user initiates a search for an object in Active Directory, the request is automatically sent to ________ ________ 3268.
6.________________ master is responsible for managing changes to AD schema.
7.Operations ____________ _______________ are assigned to domain controllers to perform single-master operations.
8.A ________________ ______________ can contain users, groups, and computers from any domain in the forest.
12._____________ __________________ is used to move a FSMO role gracefully from one domain controller to another.
13.The domain ____________ ________________ domain controller controls the addition or removal of domains in the forest.
15._____________ domain controller emulator provides backward compatibility with MS Windows NT 4.0 domains and other down-level clients.
17._____________ a role can be defined as a forced, ungraceful transfer.
1.Use _____________ to check the status of the update sequence numbers (USNs) when seizing the FSMO role from the current role holder.
2.__________________ Master is responsible for reference updates from its domain objects to other domains.
3.By default, the first domain controller installed in the ____________ ____________ domain is designated as a global catalog server.
5._______ _________ holds a subset of forest-wide Active Directory objects and acts as a central repository by holding a complete copy of all objects from the host server's local domain.
9.______________ _________________ is used only when you have experienced a failure of a domain controller that holds a FSMO role and you forced an ungraceful transfer.
10.A ____________ identifier (SID) is used to uniquely identify an object throughout the AD domain.
11.Use the ______________ command to access the FMSO maintenance prompt and use the seize command
14.You can add attributes to the PAS by modifying the attribute so that it is _________________.
16.There can be only _________ schema master in the whole forest.

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