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Elohim Youth

Hector Meraz

1     2     3         4
  5   6  
  11     12        
    13   14     15
          16   17      
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22                                   23
  24         25  
27       28                  

1.What book has the most chapters
3.Who raised Lazarus from the dead
7.What king did Daniel interpret dreams for
9.How many days was Jonah trapped in the fish
12.Besides Jesus who else walked on water
17.What is the law of Christ
18.Who was Samson's wife
20.Who lost everything yet stayed faithful to God
22.How long did it rain on Noah's ark
24.Who was the very first person born
26.Who was the first high priest
27.Who had Jonah for lunch
28.Where was Jesus born
2.In Exodus, what destroyed the vegetation after the hailstorm
3.Shortest verse in the Bible
4.How many books are in the bible
5.First book in the New Testament
6.Who was the shortest king
7.Where was Jesus buried
8.How many times did Peter deny Jesus
10.Where did Jesus pray before being arrested
11.On what day did Jesus' spirit rise
13.Who killed Abel
14.Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
15.Where was Jesus crucified
16.Where did Noah's ark land
19.Where is the City of palm trees found
21.What giant did David battle
23.Who was the wisest king
25.Who was Jacob's first wife
26.How do you say father in Aramaic

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