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Computerz Basicz


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1.The Mb for this drive is 1,000,000 bytes.
5.Programs written to damage your computer.
7.Short form for "World Wide Web".
8.Are your computers enemy and should not be brought near them.
9.Device which allows you to hear sounds.
11.Flat case that hold words, numbers, and simbols components.
13.Place to put files and folders you want to delete or get rid of .
15.Give the file a name and or store the file in a certain place.
16.To make a change to existing data.
17.Small pictorial on screen represents an object.
18.Input device that allows you to put a hard copy of your documents on to your computer.
19.Pointing device that allows you to tell the computer what to do.
2.Select an object by pressing the mouse button.
3.A representation for desktop to make your desktop look nicer and can be change whenever you like.
4."Central Processing Unit" brain of the computer.
6.Correct name for turning off your computer.
9.Device used to connect your computer to the internet.
10.Takes what you see on the screen and puts it on paper.
12.Common name for electronic mail.
14.An USB device to copy your documents or files to use on other appliances.

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