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Alexandra Draving

1 2 3
6   7     8     9                    

4.proposed that presenting information in both visual and verbal form enhances recall and recognition
5.Gardner concluded that people use eight ___________ to perceive and understand the world
6.assumes that people process information in two distinctly different ways: processing of images and processing of language
10.Robert Gagne discussed that learners must pass through a ________ of skills from simple to complex
11.Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation
1.Came about as a reaction to behaviorist theory
2.Developed by Robert Gagne to maximize the potential for the internal process of learning
3.a student's motor skills and physical abilities
7.a student's emotions
8.a student's intellectual level
9._______ is the ability to gain knowledge, apply knowledge, manipulate one's environment, and think abstractly

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