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Terms from Creative Technology

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1.pictures (an extension of google search)
3.VJing and DJing are both examples of ________ media.
5.Rachelle Viader Knowles talked about us being inseparable from our phones and other devices, therefore turning us into ______.
9.David Gerhard-Music and Creative Technologies, Creating a _______ Art Project
10.Jesse Goddard- A History of __________ in art.
14.Sheila Petty- We were trying to figure out whether or not the pieces she and Sarah Abbott were ___________ pieces because of the people featured in them.
15.Intro to Creative ___________.
17.The science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things. Jesse Goddard introduced us to this and it was covered in the Lev Manovich reading.
19.Facebook,twitter,myspace are all ____________ sites.
2.Randal Rogers-Technologies of Display made us scared for our ______ when on social media sites.
4.A spoken or written account of connected events.
6.Risa Horiwitz worked with these in all her pieces, with her collections of __________ like in "Blurry Canada".
7.Charity Marsh talked about very __________-based projects, working with youth in her area.
8.Building _________ Gadgets.
11.David Gerhard introduced us to these small super computers, also Good for blog cred.
12.Sheila Petty- African _________ Media
13.The action of taking something for one's own use, typically without the owner's permission
14.Ethics help try and protect our __________. And Randal Rogers showed us how it can be violated.
16.Legal right given to the owner of an image. Charity Marsh and Rebecca talked about this.
18.Moving pictures used for VJing.

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