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AQA C1 Section 1 Revision (new spec)

Mrs. Cordell

3   4     5          
  6             7  
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4.A substance made up of 2 or more different atoms that are chemically combined.
6.Charge on an electron (2 words)
8.Charge.on a proton.
9.The bonds in molecules are formed from sharing electrons to form ******** bonds.
12.This represents the number of protons PLUS neutrons found in an atom.(2 words)
15.Also found in the nucleus of an atom.
16.Charge of a neutron.
17.This value for the reactants and products in a chemical reaction remains unchanged as no atoms are lost in a chemical reaction.
18.The central part of an atom is called this.
19.These are found in the nucleus of the atom and have no charge.
1.This represents the number of protons or electrons in an atom (2 words)
2.All substances are made of these.
3.Elements in the same ***** in the periodic table have the same number of electrons in their highest energy level (outer shell)
5.Elements in the same group of the Periodic Table have similar **********.
7.These are found orbiting the nucleus of an atom.
10.The mass of a neutron in a.m.u
11.A substance made up of 1 type of atom only
13.Compounds formed from non-metals reacting form these.
14.Compounds made from metals and non-metals fconsist of ****

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