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Morgan Mickelsen

1 2
4           5
      6 7
10   11      

4.An area of land between two mountians.
8.An ocean ridge made up of skeletal remains of tiny sea animals.
9.An area of land covered by shallow water.
11.A hill of sand shaped by wind.
12.A circular depression formed when the roof of a cave collapses.
14.An area where a river deposits soil into the ocean.
1.A nearly flat area.
2.A part of a large body of water that extends into land (smaller than a gulf)
3.A large area of slow moving ice.
5.An area of land covered completely by water.
6.An area of land that sticks out into the ocean.
7.A large flat elevated area of land.
10.A deep narrow valley sorrounded by steep walls.
12.A narrow body of water connecting two larger bodies of water.
13.A large part of the ocean that extends into land.

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