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FCAT Prep 2012

1 2 3
5 6                
  8 9                
      11       12      
13               14 15     16            
    17 18            
19 20                         21      
23               24 25
    29   30   31    

4.An extreme exaggeration
6.The writing under a picture in a text
7.How things are similar
8.A story written about one persons life
11.The result of an action
13.A comparison of two unlike things
15.The bad guy in the story
18.Comparison of two unlike things using the words "like" or "as"
19.Use this to determine the proper meaning of a word in the text (2 words)
21.A statement that can be proven or tested to be true or false.
22.The statement about life or human nature a particular work is trying to convey to the reader.
23.Figure of speech that cannot be taken literally
26.A story organized in time order sequence is
27.The highest point of interest in a story
28.Subtle hints in a text that help you infer what is to come
32.The character was not a character in the text (2 words)
33.The big idea of the text (2 words)
34.Giving human characteristics to non-human things
1.How things differ
2.The final part of a plot; the events in the story that work out the problem or the conflict.
3.The authors attitude towards the subject of the text
5.A drawing that shows how an item is made or how it works
9.Reading between the lines requires you to make
10.When a text momentarily goes back in time (2 words)
12.The primary struggle faced by the main character in the plot of a story
14.The narrator was a character in the text (2 words)
16.A repeated consonant of vowel sound in a line of poetry
17.Why the author wrote the text (2 words)
20.Words in a text that momic sounds
24.The good guy in the story
25.The plot thickens in the (2 words)
27.The reason something occurs
29.The time and place of a story
30.The feeling the reader receives from a text
31.Font that appears slanted

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