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Unit 1 Lesson 1

Stephanie Hummel

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1.There are a lot of __________ in Florida where alligators live.
4.I try to ________________ with all my colleagues.
8.After his surgery, he made a _________________ recovery. It only took 1 week when it was supposed to take 3 weeks.
10.There are _______________ 33 million people in Canada.
14.When the group started the ____________ , they had a lot of food and water, but at the end of it, they were so hungry they thought they'd die.
15.The teacher always __________ Jo because he has the answers.
2.When I plant my garden, I _____________ the seeds all over the soil.
3.After grocery shopping, Alice ____________ all the food.
5.When my friend drinks too much, he _______________ an aggressive person.
6.I was so angry when my fridge _____________ last week. All my food went bad.
7.When it's summer in the northern _______________ , it's winter in the south.
9.The number of homeless people in Vancouver is ________________ especially since there are so many social programs to help people.
11.Many people are opposed to beauty _____________ because they think these contests are insulting to women.
12.The _____________ of BC gets really hot in the summer, so it is a great place to go camping and swimming in the lakes.
13.The first people in Australia were called _______________.

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