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Chapter # 07 Key Terms and Theories

Josh Klemm

Social Process Theories

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3.A rehabilitation option that avoids a criminal label (2 Words)
7.A view that relates to one's personal idenity (2 Words)
8.Process of human development
11.The result from exsposure to opposing norms (2 Words)
13.Behavior that differs from the social norm
14.An effort to help lower-class youths achieve socialization (2 Words)
15.Payback the victim
17.Time, energy, and effort towards a goal
18.Ability to support and control their children (2 Words)
19.Developed the Neutralization theory (2 Words)
20.An act that effects a persons self-image and social interactions
1.Moving in and out of delinquency (2 Words)
2.Author of the 1969 book "Causes of delinquency" (2 Words)
4.A view where law violators enable their behavior to drift (2 Words)
5.A way police determine the likleyhood of a person committing a crime (2 Words)
6.When a person acts aggresively only after observing another act agressively (2 Words)
9.Associate who helped portray the drifting process (2 Words)
10.Friends, Family, Teachers, and Employers (2 Words)
12.A view that involes peoples bonds to society (2 Words)
16.Sensitivity and intrest in others

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