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Chain of Heroes

luis alfredo marrero pena

you might find this puzzle tricky.....But if you know your superheroes you'll find it easy.

1 2 3
  4 5    
6 7                          
8       9      
10           11                          
13               14          
15               16                       17  
    18     19  
23     24      
25             26        

7.im wonderous
10.i was a friend of mr.fantastic
11.im a super soldier
13.i can shape shift into anyone
15.kryptonite weakens me
16.i have 4 mechanical arms
20.i killed myself against spiderman
21.im made out of rock
22.im the leader of the xmen
23.im big and green
25.my suite is made out of metal and my computer is called jarvis
26.im superfast... faster than superman
27.i got a friend called robin
28.i can control metal
1.im like spiderman but evil version
2.im a friend of superman but im a girl
3.the source of my power is a ring
4.i can turn invisible
5.im blind but my sences are super hightened
6.i can shoot a beam from my eyes
8.im a god
9.i can stretch any part of my body
12.i shout flame on
14.my body can turn into sand
17.i have the same powers as wolverine
18.i got 3 superstrong claws
19.a spider bit me
24.daredevil broke my legs in the film

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