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Cell Transport Terms- by Caper Teacher

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1.the rupturing of an animal cell due to an excess of water
4.the condition of a plant being limp due to a lack of water
5.a type of molecule found in the cell membrane
6.movement of materials through the cell membrane without the use of cellular energy (2 Words)
8.structure which controls the transport of materials into and out of a cell (2 Words)
10.the collapse of a plant cell due to lack of water
13.a type of solution surrounding a cell which has a concentration which is the same as the concentration of the cytoplasm
15."cell eating", a type of endocytosis which involves pseudoods
16.movement of materials through the cell membrane against the concentration gradient (2 Words)
17.movement of materials out of a cell using a vesicle
18.the condition of a plant cell being full of water and exerting pressure on the cell wall
19.movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
2.pressure exerted by the contents of a plant cell against the cell wall (2 Words)
3.diffusion of materials through the cell membrane with the assistance of carrier proteins (2 Words)
7.a type of solution which surrounds a cell, it causes water to enter the cell
9."cell drinking", a type of endocytosis
11.diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane
12.movement of materials into a cell using a vesicle
14.a type of solution which surrounds a cell, it causes water to leave the cell

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