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Mysterious places


Page 88 Backpack 6 pages 88 and 89

1 2 3 4
7           8   9       10              
13         14          
    15   16            
17   18              

6.line 14 this plural noun means stories that may not be true told by ordinary people
7.line 30 adjective means ''exciting and rich''
9.line 16 this past participle means to ''discover something again''
11.line 1 this adjective means ''very big''
13.line 36 past participle (pp) means ''abandoned or left for ever''
15.line 19 this noun means a ''rich and high class man''
17.line 52 a noun means ''something no one understands well''
19.line 9 this participle (pp) means ''to give important information by talking''
20.line 12 this past participle (pp) means you ''cannot find something''
1.line 24 this noun means ''the part of the room at the top which the walls hold up''
2.line 3 this past participle (pp) means ''built/made''
3.line 7 this past participle (pp) mean ''people moved away from it for ever''
4.line 25 plural noun means'' people who study old places''
5.line 8 this word means the same as ''after this''
8.line 10 this plural noun means places where people go to pray and talk to gods
10.line 4 this plural noun means ''a stone which is carved to look beautiful''
12.line 21 this past simple verb means to ''come back to a place again''
14.line 13 this simple past tense verb means ''to think''
15.line 22 this past simple verb means to ''see something that is important''
16.line 2 this past participle (pp) means ''made/constructed''
18.line 5 this adjective means to be ''very good at doing something.''

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