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Business Lesson 5 Review


Business vocabulary review www.oystercafe.com

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4                   5
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3.to bring, offer, or give, often in a formal or ceremonious way
4.so perfect or flawless as to be beyond
6.I hope business will ___________ this month. (grow, improve)
11.We need to ___________ our product so it appeals to the youth. (to refresh, reinvigorate)
12.to join forces with, work together with
13.to show, exhibit
15.Will you _________ on the project as promised? (to do or carry out)
16.to increase in intensity, or magnitude
19.When will we ___________ the new uniform policy?
1.to develop or create
2.to examine careful and in detail
3.His ____________ was very informative.
5.to arrange or bring about by discussion, bargain,
7.We need to ___________ the speed of the program.
8.We will _________ a new apartment complex next to the hospital. (to construct)
9.He wanted to __________ as many new leads as possible.
10.to anticipate; expect; look forward
14.to be accepted or recognized
17.to evolve from one's own thought or imagination
18.I will need to _______ your services for the next quarter. (keep, maintain)

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