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Business Lesson 10 Review


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1.to refer to for information (Lesson 5)
8.to deal with a problem, to look for solutions for a problem
9.Is this business model ________? (expandable to meet future needs)
11.the first product to market, the first company to do something no one else has done
12.unproductive or non cost effective parts of a business
13.a synonym for 'talk about'
14.the most recent version or a very advanced version of something
17.a quick and beneficial result achieved in a short period of time
18.the most popular or best quality product on the market.
1.you will do this if you are upset about something
2.I needed to _______ _______ with my team for a few minutes. (to communicate with, or meet with)
3.non traditional marketing strategies
4.to bring together into one unified state
5.to increase in intensity, or magnitude
6.an answer to a problem
7.The best place to study English on-line
10.We must increase __________ to ensure we deliver this order on time. (Lesson 10 bonus word)
15.Can we ________ our current level of service during the festive period?
16.They will need to _________ a way to increase productivity. (plan,the way in which something is presented, organized, or arranged)

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