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Mr. Khalid AL-Zohairy

Fill in the following puzzle with the words that go with the meanings given. Make sure no more than one letter is used in the same space. Time allotted for the whole task is 10 minutes. Whenever you finish, compare your answers to a classmate's.

1 2 3 4         5  
8             9        
  10   11   12

3.The punishment
7.The basic rules according which a whole country or state is governed
8.The supervisor of a magazine or a newspaper department
9.Permitted by law
13.Leaving your country to live in another country, usually permanently
14.The place where justice is adminstered
15.The act of analyzing or evaluating a position, a situation, or a work
1.The act of selecting a person for a certain position
2.Favoritism. Unfairness
4.A newspaper article presenting the opinion of a person
5.The claim meant to offset another claim
6.To, formally, express your opinion
10.The body of individuals living as members of a community
11.The total courses of study given in a school
12.A personal point of view

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