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Random Words

By: Dena'e M. Cheek

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2.a nearly flat area
3.an area of rugged land that generally rises higher than 2,000 feet
5.a circular depression formed when the roof of a cave collapse
8.an area of land near the ocean
10.an ocean ridge made up of skeletal remains of tiny sea animals
11.an area of land surrounded entirely by water
13.a large body of salt water
15.part of a large body of water that is smaller than a gulf
16.a narrow body of water connecting two larger bodies of water
18.an area of land covered by shallow water
19.an inland body of water
1.a deep, narrow, valley with steep walls
2.an area of land that sticks out into a lake or ocean
4.a large part of the ocean that extends into land
6.an area of low land between hills of mountains
7.an area of densely wooded land
9.an opening in Earth’s crust where lava, ash, and gases erupt
12.an extremely dry area with little water and few plants
14.a rounded, elevated area of land smaller than a mountain
17.a natural flow of water that runs through the land

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