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Geography Word Puzzle

Keosha Vaughn/Babycakes

1 2 3
5       6              
8       9
  10     11        
13               14  
    15           16
17 18      

5.are periods when little rain falls and crops
7.is a field that studies people and the relationships
10.is a generally flat region surrounded by higher land
12.is a city in which almost no taxes
13.regional varieties of a language
15.are an ethnic group who are native to North America
19.is an area of tall grasses
20.is a sperical ,or ball-shaped
1.is a crop that farmers grow mainly
2.or an extreme shortage of food
3.means to break away from the main country
4.are places on Earth's surface
6.is the study of the world
8.is the intentional destruction of a people
9.is someone who rules a country
11.is a rise in prices that occur when currency loses
14.a part of the world that has one or more common features
16.is an overland journey to view African wildlife
17.a strip of land that divides the desert
18.is a flat drawing that shows all or part of

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