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Business Environment Audit Tools

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1.Following a PESTLE analysis, it is important consider all factors and then put them in order of importance.
5.An external environment audit, as you completed in assignment 1.
8.Where in a PESTLE analysis would you categorise a declining birth rate?
10.PESTLE factors can provide ‘chances’ to improve business.
11.A change in government would represent which type of PESTLE factor?
2.Your competitor has launched a new product, manufactured entirely of recycled materials. Where in your PESTLE would you categorise this?
3.The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is a factor that could be included in which element of a PESTLE?
4.New, innovative, production machines are available for your industry. Where in your PESTLE analysis would this factor be highlighted?
6.PESTLE factors can ‘endanger’ the survival of a business.
7.The rise in unemployment is an example of which type of PESTLE factor?
9.An analysis of an organisations internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as their external opportunities and threats.

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