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Grade 12 - Revision 02

Tanya Joubert

Revision work for June examination

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3                       4
7   8     9                        
      10 11                  
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3.A method to transfer data from a desktop to a laptop computer
5.Ensuring that your data is safe in the case of theft or fire
11.Information is encoded for security purposes
12.In a database we ensure that each record is unique by assigning a ....
15.Protect computer from unauthorised access via a network connection
17.A special option to boot your computer into if you have possible hardware driver problems
20.Sofware to surf the internet
23.Picture Elements
25.False Email/sms/website encouraging you to give your personal details
26.A website that uses security features to protect users during online transactions
27.Hardware device to ensure video/web conferencing can take place
1.A large capacity disk superseding the standard DVD
2.An error code when dividing values with text
4.A hardware item to help you during electricity outages to protect your computer.
6.Most common device used for storage of pictures on a digital camera
8.Software installed without your knowledge to trace your actions on internet
9.When you do not have enough USB ports on your computer
10.A format function to ensure that data is input in a certain manner such as (083) 510 1182 instead of 0835101182
13.A legally binding contract limiting the use of software
14.Data type of a cellnumber
16.Best printer to print high quality pictures
18.A fast data transfer method working similarly to a USB cable
19.Small area of internet/network accessibility via wireless technology
21.What feature of a database report would ensure that records of the same type are kept together and calculations can be made on it.
22.Technology used by web conferencing
24.A modern and faster technology in hard disk drives

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