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The Markets

Ben Jones

All about money!

1 2 3 4  
  5 6 7          
8             9         10        
  15             16              
17             18 19     20    
22                         23
    24     25 26    
27       28             29            
30       31         32               33     34  
35 36       37   38        
    39                     40  
41                 42              
43                     44      
46           47        
  49     50     51     52  
  53     54   55            

3.Cars need it
7.Leaving my wallet
8.A good not service
10.A part of a company
11.Large Company
13.Most expensive stock
15.Person who has more than $999,999.99
21.quick sale of assets
22.How money losses value
24.Mixture of stocks
27.Type of non-secured debt
28.Brazil, Russia, India, China
29.What 100s are made of
30.Protects ideas
32.Industry that makes little money
33.High youth unemployment
36.20 countries
38.Holds value
39.Creator of Business
41.Search engine worth money
42.Gives people jobs
43.What corporations pay inventors
44.You're manager
45.Someone who puts money in a business
46.Companies coming together
47.Canadian Exchange
48.European currency
50.Loan for house
53.Price you pay
55.Don't spend...
56.A high ranking executive
57.Parts of a stock
1.Buying in bulk
2.Controls interest rates
4.What protects people and companies
5.Hotels, Taxis...
6.Buys and sells your stocks
8.Developed nation
9.Greedy industry
14.The value keeps going up
16.Largest company by value
17.We are below the U.S but will be ahead soon!
18.Major Business City
20.Australian Dollar
25.What stocks pay out
31.Controls what bank can do
34.What money collects
35.Deals with financials
37.Worth less then $0.01
40.2 periods of declining growth
45.Call centre headquarters
46.What makes the world go round
49.Rent agreement
51.People with a lot of money
52.Huge Debt
54.Money Exchange

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