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Genesis 34

Rev. R. L. Reid

This puzzle is taken from Chapter 34 of Genesis.

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1.how Shechem and his father felt about what they must do.
5.What was the name of the daughter of Leah
8.what was offered in vs. 12 for damsel to wife
9.who Hamor wanted from Jacob in vs. 9
12.what Shechem wanted Dinah to be for him
13.the son of Hamor the Hivite
14.how the sons of Jacob felt when they came out of the fields
2.how the sons of Jacob answered Shechem and Hamor
3.The names of Dinah's brothers.
4.the father of Shechem
6.another name given to Dinah in vs. 3
7.what they would have to get in vs.15 in order to marry.
10.what Shechem wanted to find in the eyes of his father and brothers
11.Who was Dinah's father

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