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Anne's Grand Canyon 2012 Crossword

Christina King

Have fun and the person with the most completed crosswords earns a semi-valuable prize! Hope you are having a wonderful time. Love, Christina & Pete King

1 2 3       4
5         6          
7 8      
9             10                    
          11       12
        13       14            
15   16              
18       19 20   21    
    22                         23 24
25               26
      27 28     29          
30                   31      
        32       33      
34     35               36                  
37                     38     39          
41     42               43      
    45 46     47          
49                     50     51          

3.Fairies cavort at this waterfall
5.Be prepared for this if you see storm clouds
9.Where you plan to takeout.
10.Patti’s Second theme night
11.Best way to run Bedrock rapid
13.Anne always offers up this favorite procedure to anyone who needs it
15.Lots of pottery and ruins on this wide delta
17.Your shuttler
18.Enter this gorge at Nevill’s rapid
22.Please do not step on this kind of soil crust, it is very fragile.
28.Must be in perfect condition
29.Will chew a hole through your tent or drybag to get at snacks
30.What do you bag and return to camp when hiking?
31.Your lucky permit holder and trip leader
32.Potential Alternate Trip Leader
34.One of the Gems rapids
36.Did you remember to send a postcard from Phantom Ranch to this person?
37.Classic viewpoint from granaries
38.Sometimes referred to as “break leg” canyon
42.What kind of boil should your dishwater heat up to.
43.Do not cook food if you are?
44.If you do not filter your river drinking water, add a minimum of how many drops of bleach to 1 gallon of water.
47.Check with this person before you begin to rig at Lee’s Ferry
48.What all boaters are obsessed with at the end of their trip?
49.Smash all cans where?
50.Are you having fun yet?
51.Waterfall that bursts from the cliff wall.
53.“Where are you thinking of camping tonight” always ask other ___________
54.Patti’s First theme night
1.Sickness that mice spread through their urine, as they scurry across your face at night while you sleep.
2.Okay to bathe with soap in clean sidestreams?
4.A grotto named after a precious metal
6.Required Equipment that many people are forgetting to bring
7.Flies away with your valuables
8.Handy to have at the groover
9.Your social director
12.Number of vehicles allowed on the Lee’s Ferry ramp at one time.
14.Happens when you push forward too much
16.No camping here
19.Great spot for Bocce ball
20.Wood gathering from Mar 1-Oct 31
21.This phone number 928-638-7805 can be reached 24 hours a day for emergency help
23.Dave Derryberry’s favorite food
24.What are you thinking running this rapid on Day 13, could be unlucky!
25.What do you put in the last bucket of dishwater before doing the dishes?
26.Aggressive nocturnal chewers
27.Tribe that owns Diamond Creek takeout
32.How to avoid tennis elbow
33.Most important item you need at Lee’s Ferry
35.Handiest gadget on the river
39.A favorite water re-supply point
40.How many days notice to give NPS if you cancel a launch?
41.Best way to not get sick
42.Where do you spit your toothpaste?
45.Day you take out
46.Day you plan to arrive at Phantom Ranch
52.Are you washing, drying and moisturizing your feet to prevent this?

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