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NTC Terms

Destiny McKoy

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1.A Medieval Iceland or Scandinavian prose narrative/Were memorized and recited long before they were written down during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries
6.The voice created by an author to tell the story/'second self"
7.A group of three tragedies performed in competition at dramatic festivals in ancient Greece/Any three literary or musica; works that are related in theme or sequence closely enough to form a group
10.Uses like, as, or as if to compare two essentially different things/I look like a cow right now
11.Pattern of rhymes in a stanza or poem/Usually indicated by letters of the alphabet (2 Words)
14.Rewarding the good punishing the bad/Rewards and punishments should be carefully distributed (2 Words)
16.A stanza of four lines/A poem consisting of four lines only
18.Human characteristics and sensibilities are attributed to animals, plants, or inanimate objects/I asked the wind to stop blowing
19.The central or dominating idea/Is seldom stated directly
1.A fourteen-line lyric poem in iambic pentameter/Originated in thirteenth-century Italy
2.A phrase, line, or group of lines repeated at intervals during a poem/It is often called a chorus in a song
3.An introduction or preface/The introductory part of a novel or long poem
4.The similarity of sound between two words/When the words of their accented syllables and all succeeding sounds are identical
5.The rediscovery of classic literature/Renewed the idea that human existence was not just painful preparation for an afterlife but had interest and value in itself
8.A kind of tragedy popular during Elizabethan times/Featured murder and revenge (2 Words)
9.Closely related to the tone/Identifies the sense a written work conveys to a reader of its writers attitude
12.The voice of a poem/May be the poet or a fictional character
13.A statement that is self-contradictory/Nonetheless essentially true
15.The general location a work of literature takes place/In drama it's the backdrop scenery
17.Blends ironic humor and wit with criticism for the purpose of ridiculing folly, vice, stupidity/seeks to correct, improve, or reform through ridicule

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