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1 2
3             4
    8               9
13         14              
15           16 17      

3.The text of a play, broadcast, or movie.
5.Part of theatre space where the actors perform
7.200 years
8.The number that tells you how many to repeat the base and multiply it
10.A famous mathematician who found a special property of a right triangle
11.A character written by the playwright
13.The main subject or idea of a literary work
14.Clothing worn by an actor onstage to create the appearance of a particular character
15.An individual portraying a character in a play
17.Any object handled by an actor onstage
18.A two term expression
19.The longest side of a right triangle
1.The area of a rectangle with dimensions of 3 inches and 5 inches
2.The sum of the squares of the legs is equal to the square of the hypotenuse
4.Where the story takes place
6.The square root of 64
9.The square of 4
12.100 years
16.a triangle with a 90 degree angle
17.The main plan or story of a literary work

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