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Mrs. Correll

1         2       3
5                     6
9                 10
    11           12      
  14   15                    
    16 17            
  18       19  

1.Use this box to search the internet
5.type of online advertising
7.a computer that stores web pages
9.a small chunk of data generated by web server and stored on the hard disk
11.a temporary place to store something
12.hold this key to keep a web page open while linking another page
13.keeps track of URLs that you've entered in the address bar
14.prevents pop-up ads from appearing
17.a program that runs on your computer and helps you access Web pages
18.uniquely identifies a web page's location on the web
20.a delivery method that plays music or video in real time
21.a series of Web pages that can be created, modified, and commented on
22.a set of specifications for creating documents that browse as Web pages
2.clickable links between Web pages
3.404 error
4.the product of one or more webbased files
6.contains information about a specific topic
8.press this button when a page takes too long to load
10.hold this key to display the menu bar in Internet explorer
13.plays media or runs web applications
15.an icon that indicates that a web site is secured
16.a secured web connection
19.a collection of data that can be linked and accessed using HTTP

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