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Kelly`s Math Crossward

Kelly Lee Kern 8-1

2 3    
7 8            
9   10   11                      
    12     13     14  
16                 17    
        21 22              
            24 25    
26             27        
29                     30            

2.a continuous part of a circle
5.the average value of a data set
6.the distance of a number from zero on a number line
7.a number in exponential form
10.lines in the same plane that do not intersect
13.to record the data
16.a polynomial with exactly two terms
19.the greatest and least numbers in a data set
21.an arc that has a measure less than 180
23.the set of all possible outcomes
24.the line segment along which two faces of a polyhedron intersect
26.a set of ordered pairs
29.a reduction on the regular , or list , price of an item
30.instrument used to draw circles
31.the sum of the principal and the interest earned
1.a case for which a statement is not true
3.a parrallelogram with 4 right angles
4.the points where a graph crosses the axes
8.the result of a probability experiment
9.the graph of a quadratic function
11.a triangle that has one right angle
12.the figure that results from a transformation
14.in a right triangle one of its sides adjacent to the right angle
15.a rate in which the second term or denominator is 1
17.a conjecture that is proven to be true
18.the figure that has a measuregreater than 180
20.a transformation that reduces or enlarges a figure
22.the set of whole numbers and their opposites
25.the set of all possible input values of a function
27.a 2 dimensional pattern of a three dimensional figure
28.a flat surface of a polyhedron

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