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Water on the Land

Daanyaal Ismail

1 2 3
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6.rock particles such as silt that have been deposited by the river
9.occurs when the small stones and grains of sand bounce along the river bed
15.as the river leaves the highland, it meanders between spurs which are interlocked down the valley
18.when the river loses energy it leaves rock particles, sand etc. that it has been carrying
19.the method used for moving the largest material
20.when the stones and boulders carried by the river knock against each other and reduce in size and break away
1.the wearing away of the river bed and banks
2.when the load of the river hits the river bed and banks
3.erosion on the outside bend of a meander
4.speed of the water
5.the sheer force of the water
7.small embankments alongside a river which occur due to a flood which deposits coarse material
8.bend in the river
10.a meander cut off from the main river
11.the surface (floor) of the river bed
12.a smaller river that joins a larger one
13.the deep pool at the bottom of a waterfall
14.a means of carrying fine material within the water so that it floats in the river and is moved as it flows
16.the river flows on certain types of rock such as chalk and limestone which are soluble in rainwater and become dissolved within it
17.steep narrow valley moving back from the waterfall

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