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2.the stage of HIV infection in which the infected person shows no symptoms
4.a bacterial sexually transmitted infection that infects the urinary tract of males and females and the reproductive organs of females
7.a painless sore that happens during the first stage if syphilis infection
11.inflammation of the lining of the urethra
13.a serious bacterial sexually transmitted infection that progresses through three distinct stages
15.actions aken by healthcare providers that reduce their risk of coming into contact with blood and body fluids
16.a sexually transmitted infection caused be a protozoan that infects the urinary tract or vagina
17.a serious infection of the female reproductive organs that can lead to infertility or an ectopic pregnancy
1.an infection caused by any pathogen that spreads from one person to another during sexual contact
2.acquired immunodeficiency syndrome,an often fatal disease of the immune system caused by HIV infection
3.a very common sexually transmitted infection caused by bacteria
5.an infection that attacks a person with a weakened immune system
6.the human immunodeficiency virus,an incurable sexually transmitted infection that can lead to AIDS
8.a very common viral sexually transmitted infection
9.the number of virus particles circulating in the body
10.a sexually transmitted infection caused be the herpes simplex virus.
12.a person who is diagnosed as being infected with HIV
14.a vaginal infection or irritation

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