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Human Anatomy and Physiology


Human Anatomy and Physiology Review of Body Systems, Cavities, Tissues, Glands, and Cells

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1.contains much lymphatic tissue, which probably helps to protect the body against infections, especially in the early years of life
5.excretes waste materials from the body
11.provides a means of communication with the outside world through sensory receptors; protects the body from its surroundings
12.lining of throat, mouth, or nose
15.brings food, water, and oxygen to body cells and carries away waste products
16.serves as an early source of blood cells for the young human embryo
19.supply the cells with nutrients and water membranes: functions as linings
22.produces hormones that are important in the growth and development of the body; also produces hormones that regulates the amount of calcium in the blood
24.work together to accomplish the task of an organ
25.gives support and rigidity to the body, protects vital organs, and produces blood cells
26.protects the body from bacteria, viruses, and other disease-producing organisms
27.regulates many activities of the body (such as growth and digestion) by means of chemical messengers
2.produce a hormone which aids in the control of calcium in the blood
3.linings of joint cavities
4.coordinates the activities of the body
6.muscles attached to it allow us to stand in an upright position; these muscles also aid in the elimination of wastes (tailbone)
7.produces hormone melatonin that regulates cycles of sleep and wakefulness
8.the "master gland" of the body; regulates growth of the body and other bodily functions
9.provides movement for the body
13.serves at the center where T cells (white blood cells that help fight bacteria and viruses) mature and are 'trained"
14.supplies the body tissues with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from them
17.responsible for the continuation of the human race
18.breaks down food into a form that can be absorbed by the bloodstream
20.lining of chest cavity; lining of abdominal cavity
21.help promote good health by destroying harming bacteria
23.tears large pieces of food into smaller pieces (canine tooth)

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