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1 2
  4 5          
7                       8         9          
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  14     15                    
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            23       24          
29               30            

5.the length of the segment from the center of the sphere to a point on the sphere
7.a prism whose bases are rectangles (2 Words)
9.a corner
11.the surface that an object stands on
15.any surface that is not part of the base (2 Words)
16.any perpendicular segment from one base to the plane of the other base (4 Words)
21.a prism whose bases are pentagons (2 Words)
23.half of a sphere with a circular base
25.a polyhedron that has four faces
26.joins one vertex with another
27.a pyramid whose base is a square (2 Words)
28.an object with a circular base and one vertex
29.An object that has two identical flat ends that are circular or elliptical and one curved side
30.the amount of space an object occupies
1.a special type of polyhedron with only one base and the other faces meet at a common vertex
2.a special type of polyhedron, with two faces that are congruent and paralel polygons (bases) with parallelograms joining the corresponding sides
3.length of an altitude
4.a solid formed by polygons that enclose a single region of space
6.a polyhedron that has six faces (one example: a cube)
8.A polyhedron whose faces are identical regular polygons (2 Words)
10.the sum of the areas of all the faces or surfaces that enclose the solid (2 Words)
12.A pyramid whose base is a triangle (2 Words)
13.a prism whose bases are hexagons (2 Words)
14.The edges that form the lateral faces of a solid (2 Words)
17.a pyramid whose base is a trapezoid (2 Words)
18.any surface of a solid object
19.a prism whose bases are triangles (2 Words)
20.a polyhedron that has ten faces
22.a polyhedron that has seven faces
24.set of all points in a space at a given distance from a given point

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