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Reva A.

This crossword puzzle reviews all of the terms and concepts which were discussed in the 3 units that you have studied.

1       2 3
      11   12            
16             17    

1.The main role you take on as an entrepreneur, also an advantage for being an entrepreneur
6.Identify a problem, see an opportunity, and then come up with an idea to take advantage of the situation
8.Gathering, recording, and analyzing the data pertaining to a venture in order to reduce the risk of failure
9.Possesses an inner need to achieve goals and feel a sense of accomplishment
10.Person responsible for creating chart displaying the five needs that humans strive to meet
11.Has a vision of how things should be in the future; communicates that vision to others
14.This person does not own their own business, they work for someone else/an organization
15.A product or service that is required for survival
16.One who develops new ideas for products or ways of doing things
18.Maintains a positive attitude - not discouraged by problems that may arise
1.A business that provides banking services for profit
2.Coming up with an idea first and then looking for a marketing opportunity
3.Type of program available to help young people, usually free of charge and offers consulting, mentoring, and administrative services
4.An important way to generate an idea, it's free
5.Refers to sole proprietorships and general partnerships in which the owner or partners are each liable for business debts
6.Helps young entrepreneurs market their ventures with free publicity that adds credibility to their efforts
7.Works hard at achieving set goals; once goals are achieved, sets new goals
12.The two types of research: primary data and _______ data
13.An opportunity for manufacturers and distributors display their newest products and services
17.This person began as Tim Horton's partner, after Tim Hortons death he took over the company

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