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Taxonomy, Viruses and Bacteria

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1.organism that does not have a nucleus or organelles
3.antibiotic that comes from a fungus, some people are allergic to it
5.name of the virus that causes AIDS
10.name of the culture dish filled with agar that helps grow bacteria
13.poisons produced by bacteria that can harm our cells
14.bacteria with the name "bacillus" in it, is this shape of bacteria
15.type of bacterial reproduction where one bacterium splits into 2
17.type of medicine that interferes with a bacterial cell's metabolism
18.viral life cycle where your genes are "split" with viral DNA and the host cell is not destroyed right away
2.organisms that belong in the archae domain
3.name for an organism that causes a disease
4.viral life cycle that tears open the host cell right away
6.made up of nucleic acid and a protein coat
7.Science of naming and classifying living things
8.scientific name for a human
9.Streptococcus pneumonia is a bacterium that has this shape to it
11.scientific name made up of these 2 levels of classification
12.type of medicine used to boost your immune system against a virus
16.we belong to this kingdom

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