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Vocab Words 6-7

Krist Sokoli

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1.– selecting the best from various sources : assorted, various
2.to avoid; to elude Synonym(s): dodge, shirk
5.– to explain or clarify; to make clear Synonym(s): explicate, expound, illuminate
7.to aggravate; intensify the bad qualities of something; to make bad a situation worse Synonym(s): embitter
9.to be uncertain; subject to differing interpretations Synonym(s): ambiguous, unclear, nebulous, misleading Antonym(s): defined, certain, unambiguous
10.– having soothing qualities, especially for skin Synonym(s): soothing
11.(n.) – hatred or hostility Synonym(s): antagonism, ill will
12.to correct a text Synonym(s): amend, alter
13.to censor Synonym(s): clean up, purge, abridge
16.expressing emotion without restraint Synonym(s): ebullient, demonstrative, gushing
21.a mournful poem usually about the dead
22.to beg or implore Synonym(s): plead, beseech, importune
23.not earthly, ghostly Synonym(s): spiritual, delicate, eerie
1.– to steal money in violation of a trust; to commit fraud or to cheat Synonym(s): misappropriate, misuse
2.(n.) – boredom, lack of energy Synonym(s): languor, tedium Antonym(s): vigor, vitality
3.useful for effecting a desired result Synonym(s): convenient, practical, efficient
4.clearly defined, specific Synonym(s): unambiguous, unequivocal
5.to adorn or make elegant; enhance Synonym(s): ornament, decorate, exaggerate
6.a flagrant error Synonym(s): glaring, gross, conspicuous
8.– rude boldness Synonym(s): audacity, impudence
10.use of an inoffensive phrase to replace an offensive one
11.(n.) – law, command, public order
12.– to produce, cause, or bring about Synonym(s): stimulate, provoke
14.representative of an entire group Synonym(s): summary, essence, embodiment, archetype
15.to give support for Synonym(s): advocate, promote, champion
16.something terrible
17.– to settle comfortably into a place Synonym(s): entrench, install, establish
18.learned, scholarly Synonym(s): cultured, well-educated
19.– to involve in conflict or difficulties Synonym(s): entangle, enmesh
20.to delete or erase Synonym(s): annul, obliterate, expunge

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