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Business Terms

Sean Smith

1 2
  3 4                
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4.Rising cost of living
5.A Collection of shares owned by a shareholder
6.The fee charged by a broker for processing a buy or sell transaction
7.When two or more companies combine either by takeover or creation
8.Each countries munitary system
9.A three letter code used to identify companies in the Asx (3 Words)
13.Abbreviation for Initial Public Offering
14.A trading tool to see the number of buyers and sellers (2 Words)
18.Abbreviation for Australian Stock Exchange
19.A companies history of earnings
20.Your rate of return for an investment
21.On the board of Management
1.The middle man who acts as the go-between in stock transactions.
2.An outlay of capital to achieve financial gain
3.A legal document in which certain conditions may be applied
10.The amount it would cost to buy all of the remaining shares in a company (2 Words)
11.The money you earn after the enitial purchase of the shares
12.A person owning shares in a company or compaines
15.A sum of money paid to shareholders from comapny earnings
16.The sectors in which a company conducts business
17.A person who analises a companies financial performance

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